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Not long on the market and now being adopted by all professional sporting associations worldwide, Kinesio (or Kinesiology) tape is a revolutionary sports medicine solution for treating an array of sports injuries including, ITBS (Iliotibal Band Syndrome), planter fasciitis, shin splints, joint soreness and muscle soreness.

Kinesio tape manipulates the skin and muscles and has been proven to promote and improve blood circulation to muscle and joint tissue, improve lymphatic drainage, facia function, provide pain relief whilst also providing additional stability and support.  Kinesio tape also aids in a faster recovery for the athlete.

Kinesio tape is produced from a unique blend of cotton and spandex giving it highly effective elastic properties, which are achieved through the design and structure of the material and the innovative wave pattern in the adhesive. Kinesio tape is also ultralight and very strong.

Simple and easy to use, Kinesio tape is now regarded as a “must have” for all athletes alike.

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